Monday, May 17, 2010

Sausage in Salad?

On a recent trip to the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market, Trevor and I picked up some delicious German sausage from Sweet Briar Farms. Slathered with grainy mustard, they made excellent sausage sandwiches. I stuck the remaining two sausages in freezer.

Later in the week we were given some tender, red-speckled butter lettuce and tasty yellow-fleshed potatoes from our friend Paul who runs an amazing CSA program at a local high school. I knew we could make an excellent salad with these ingredients.

Trevor and I had prepared Cooking Light’s Chicken, Red Potato and Green Bean Salad many times before. It’s like a German Potato Salad on top of greens. And it’s dressed with a tangy whole-grain Dijon vinaigrette. But this time I decided we’d swap out the chicken for one of those Sweet Briar sausages we had tucked away. And it was phenomenal! The mustard in the vinaigrette was so good with the salty sausage.

It was a quick-to-prepare, hearty meal perfect for a warm evening. And the next morning, Trevor pan-fried some of the leftover cooked potatoes with a little dried rosemary. Then he topped them with poached eggs and sliced up sausage. The slightly runny yoke became a silky sauce when mixed with the hot potatoes. We first named it “German Farmhouse Breakfast,” then we decided we liked the name “Hausenfrites” even better. Either way, it was a keeper.


Sweet Briar Farms, Eugene, Ore.

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